I’ve finally reached 500 followers! Thank you for making my dashboard so beautiful! I talk to like none of you because I’m so awkward and shy, but you all are very lovely. Also, if I’ve talked to you sorry for not talking to you much because again, I’m so awkward. Well, anyway I’ll follow you all forever, unless you do something that would make me want to unfollow you. You guys are so amazing and wonderful and you have made this year on tumblr so fantastic for me. You guys are the best and ilysm. If you are bolded that means you’re one of my favorite blogs or we’re best/really good friends on here. If you aren’t bolded that doesn’t mean I love you less ok? I love you all lots and equally and you all mean the world to me. Thank you for being the amazing people you guys are. And, I hope that you all have amazing lives, and a great 2013! Special thanks to my bff, Claire, for making the amazing edit! P.S. If I’ve forgot you, I am really sorry. Feel free to come to my ask box and I’ll add you straight away.  I’m also sorry if you see an URL twice. It’s because I’m a dummy. xoxo - Taya!


♥ CLAIRE AKA SEXYOFRPS ♥: Where do I start with you? Oh gosh. I can start by saying I love you. I know, I tell you that a lot, but you need to know. You are seriously one of the most amazing people ever. You’ve been there for me from the start. I can always count on you for everything. You make me laugh and you always distract me from my problems. You are the best, best friend anyone could have. I love you dearly.

♥ TYLER AKA KINGOFTHERP ♥: So, you’ve been in my life for quite some time and you’ve grown on me. You’re one of my best friends, and of course the funniest person alive. You make me laugh and you’re here for me when I’m down. You accept my weirdness and my stupid typos. I couldn’t imagine my life without you. I love you bud, don’t ever leave my life.

♥ LAUREN AKA SELENASERVICE ♥: I loved you from the first time I met you! I’ve known you for some time now and you’re amazing! You’re so funny and sweet and caring and I couldn’t imagine losing you in my life.


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